What are Nootropics: How They are Related to Memory Enhancement

Nootropic is also known as smart drugs. These are very helpful in increasing one’s cognitive power. That is the reason behind the increasing popularity of these drugs amongst students and young professional. Memory loss is common with age however it can happen as early as in teenage. Numbers of factors are responsible for this event. Stress, alcohol abuse and sleep apnea are few to name. Basically, it helps in keeping stressful events at bay and aids in treating sleep apnea and managing it and also helps in keeping the memory power intact.

Learning is the very lengthy process involving two major and important cognitive skills known as memory and concentration. The former is the ability to adopt new things and events and the later one is for holding on attention while learning or adopting the skill. However, if you are having issues with either of these issues you can certainly depend on the Provigil nootropic medication. These are mainly referred as smart drugs since they help in increasing one’s concentration power along with learning ability too. And it is achieved with increasing number of new neurons in the brain part. You can either supplement this therapy with food supplement or other techniques available.

Studies done about the smart drugs have come up with something interesting and useful. Nootropics have the similar mode of action as that of vasodilator class of medications. It acts on the blood vessels and opens them up. As a result, the arteries can carry abundant of blood to the brain and other parts of the central nervous system. Insufficient flow of blood to the brain and its parts is the top most reason behind the memory loss and other memory related issues. Nootropic drugs or smart drugs shouldn’t be confused with depression drugs. These smart drugs are not addictive like that of used in the treatment of depression and other mental disorders.

. Nootropic medicine can be fatal if one is driving a vehicle. However, post consumption of nootropic medication one can stay alerted and wakeful throughout the day. This wide class of drug has various drugs in it which acts on the brain and its parts especially the neurotransmitters and thus eliminates the annoying signs caused by the sleep ailments. Every drug belonging to this class possess the different mode of action. This depends on the chemical structure and the target site too. However, the exact mode of action for various nootropic drugs is still in the dark. But it is assumed that these smart drugs have the impact on the brain chemicals and the re-uptake processes. The best example of nootropic medicine is Provigil smart drug

Nootropic medicine drug for sleep disorders has used in the treatment of sleep apnea too. It doesn’t cure the apnea but yes it helps in eliminating the sleepiness caused by the lack of sleep because of the disturbed sleep. People who are basically working in the shift jobs also they benefit more from these drugs. Students are in love with this drug as it helps in increasing the oxygen supply to the brain and also augments the memory recalling and cognitive ability in the user.

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