How (and why) These Foods are Ruining Your Brain

Even though there are tons of foods out there that will help you to have a more productive day, improve your memory, and all aspects of your life, you are going to find that there are certain things that modern humans have created, which will detract from your brain’s capacity. In this article, we are going to cover some of the main foods that you are using in your diet, which may be ruining your brain.

As you’ll see, they are giving you some short term satisfaction in the form of good feelings, but they are really hurting you in the long run. Try to take this cautionary article seriously because it could mean the difference between success and failure!

Don’t Eat These Brain Bashing Foods

There are a few foods that you need to be careful of in particular. One is gluten, which is just a protein that is found in wheat products. It is a relatively new capability for humans to be able to handle gluten and it is only able to go back for the past 12,000 years or so. The agricultural revolution brought gluten into our diet and there are plenty of people who are diagnosed intolerant and others who just show symptoms and signs.

Other foods that you should avoid are vegetable oils, such as sunflower oil, palm oil, and canola oil. All of these are made from vegetables that have plenty of benefits, but when they are refined and brought into a fat of some sort, it ends up causing health problems. The fats that you should use instead are coconut oil, olive oil, and butter.

If you avoid these foods, as well as most refined sugar, you are going to be in a better spot than most people. Your brain will thank you and it is going to work more efficiently to do the tasks you require of it. You’ll find better memory, enhanced learning, and concentration as well.

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