How to Sleep After a Hard Day of Work

Every programmer who is working a challenging job will be completely aware that a day of tiring work can be… well, tiring! If you are trying to come up with the latest algorithm or solve some kind of major problem, it is going to be a good idea to make sure you have the right combination of ingredients and that you can recuperate from a difficult day of work.

In this article, we are going to send you a few ideas for you to utilize to sleep better after a difficult day of work. There are a host of different chemical compounds that make a big difference in your overall health. Not only will they help you improve overall health, but when you sleep better you are going to have a much better health as well.

#1. Magnesium glycinate – this is one of the best things that you can use for improving sleep quality because magnesium glycinate is a bioavailable option. Most people who don’t eat a real food diet will not have this kind of thing in their diet, which means that they are going to need to supplement in some way. The best way is, as we have said, glycinate OR also magnesium threonate.

This lesser known option has a lot of advantages even though it is very new. First of all, it is far more bioavailable and can cross the blood brain barrier far easier. This means that you are going to be able to see more benefits for your brain specifically because it is chelated with the L-threonate molecule. Either way, if you can’t find that or want a full-body option, glycinate is the way to go.

#2. Fish oil – even though fish oil does not per se help you to sleep, it is useful nonetheless for your overall health. The more omega-3 fatty acids in the form of DHA and EPA that you find, the better off you are going to be for a few different reasons. There are many benefits of fish oil that we’ll explain below:

First, it is the best way to balance your fatty acid profile. Most people eat way too many different fatty acids called omega-6, which is healthy, but not in the quantity that most of us receive. If you are trying to live a healthier lifestyle, it is imperative you get an equal balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Otherwise, it just will not be all that helpful for you. Second, make sure that you get enough to help with neurogenesis, which usually requires in the range of 1-3 grams per day. Most people who do consume fish oil don’t get enough!

#3. Lemon balm – if you have never heard of lemon balm, it is an herb from the Mediterranean ocean that has helped people to relax and sleep for thousands of years. In fact, a lot of people who were in ancient Greek and Roman times would use it to help them to relax.

Today, it is possible to use lemon balm to relax as much as you would like. You’re going to find that it is a great tool for you to improve your sleep ability because it works on a part of the brain called GABAnergic, which is essentially the part that is specifically related to sleeping and relaxing.

If you are able to use a lemon balm tea, that will be even better. There is something that is calming and relaxing about tea specifically and it is hard to say why that is! Most of the time, people who are utilizing the tea like it more than a simple extract.


When Random White Powders Just Don’t Cut it

As we have talked about on other blog posts, we are interested in nootropic drugs. The biggest fascination for us is how we can utilize these compounds to get ahead in the face of fierce competition. Many people have been trying to enhance their performance for some time now and there are still many ways to go about doing this. The vast majority of people who are trying to utilize nootropic drugs are looking at white powders that come in the mail and create all kinds of anxiety and problems.

The reality is, sometimes getting these white powders delivered to your home is not the answer to all of your problems. This article is going to help you to better understand how you can utilize capsules and unique blends of nootropics to get all of the things you need for a healthy lifestyle.

  1. CILTEP – this is a drug that you can order directly from the Natural Stacks website. It is a memory and concentration enhancing smart drug that uses long term potentiation to improve mental performance. Using CILTEP can help in a number of ways because it was actually created and originated from the Longecity community. Most people don’t know that this is a community driven product.
  2. Alpha Brain – if you have seen Joe Rogan or any of the UFC promotions with a brand called Onnit, you know of the product called Alpha Brain. One of the biggest advantages of using this nootropic is that it is an all-inclusive option that doesn’t require you to look through a bunch of white powders and find which one you want online. Even though this is a nootropic with positive reviews, you are still going to find plenty of people who are less interested in taking the drug without some kind of feedback about the expectations that they have.

With these options you are bound to have a much better experience. Utilize these unique blends so you don’t need to carry containers of dubious white powders around with you.

4 Memory Enhancing Foods Everyone Needs in their Diet

Most people have some genetic lineage that has memory loss, senile dementia or memory loss. If you’re one of these people, no matter how old you are, it’s important to start preventative measures as soon as you can. One of the best things that you can do is to eat foods that will help you to prevent memory loss because you need to eat already and it might as well be healthy!

Use these 4 memory enhancing foods to improve your diet and you’ll never need to worry whether you are doing your part to combat the memory loss:

  • Fish – this is filled with omega-3 fatty acids, which are a type of fat that help to improve the connections in your brain. Specifically, the omega-3 fatty acids are filled with DHA and EPA, which are similar to what parts of your brain is made of! You can also take supplements to get the DHA & EPA that your brain needs. Fish oil or Krill oil are both great sources of DHA & EPA.
  • Cacao – if you have had chocolate, you know that it is a delicious treat that is filled with antioxidants. The darker the chocolate, the more cacao you will get and sometimes it is better to just buy cacao powder for the full effect. With this, you’ll be on your way to clearing your brain in no time.
  • Sweet potato – surprise! A regular sweet potato is filled with vitamins and minerals, such as magnesium, potassium, and others. If you eat a lot of sweet potato, you’re going to have a much better experience with memory simply because your brain is not deprived of the nutrients that it really needs.
  • Leafy greens – There are many types of leafy greens that you can choose from, but particular favorites are spinach, arugula, and chard. With these green vegetables, you will get more nutrients than you expected and have a much easier time preventing memory loss in the future.

How (and why) These Foods are Ruining Your Brain

Even though there are tons of foods out there that will help you to have a more productive day, improve your memory, and all aspects of your life, you are going to find that there are certain things that modern humans have created, which will detract from your brain’s capacity. In this article, we are going to cover some of the main foods that you are using in your diet, which may be ruining your brain.

As you’ll see, they are giving you some short term satisfaction in the form of good feelings, but they are really hurting you in the long run. Try to take this cautionary article seriously because it could mean the difference between success and failure!

Don’t Eat These Brain Bashing Foods

There are a few foods that you need to be careful of in particular. One is gluten, which is just a protein that is found in wheat products. It is a relatively new capability for humans to be able to handle gluten and it is only able to go back for the past 12,000 years or so. The agricultural revolution brought gluten into our diet and there are plenty of people who are diagnosed intolerant and others who just show symptoms and signs.

Other foods that you should avoid are vegetable oils, such as sunflower oil, palm oil, and canola oil. All of these are made from vegetables that have plenty of benefits, but when they are refined and brought into a fat of some sort, it ends up causing health problems. The fats that you should use instead are coconut oil, olive oil, and butter.

If you avoid these foods, as well as most refined sugar, you are going to be in a better spot than most people. Your brain will thank you and it is going to work more efficiently to do the tasks you require of it. You’ll find better memory, enhanced learning, and concentration as well.

This is Why Fish is the Best Food

Whether you are a vegetarian or a Paleo dieter, there is one thing that should be in common for both diets: fish. While fish is definitely a meat and thus does not fit into the vegetarian category, it is often considered the only food that vegetarians are willing to incorporate into their diet. If you want to take advantage of the benefits we explain below, it is worth it to you to get this super food:

  • Fish has omega-3 fatty acids – For your brain, the number one nutrient it can get are omega-3 fatty acids and particularly DHA and EPA. These are two of the most important because it is what your brain is made of. If you eat these nutrients you are going to get the best results and have a much more efficient work day.
  • Fish is full of lean protein – Protein is important no matter who you are and some people (Vegetarians) need it more than others. The good thing about fish is that it is a lean source of protein rather than a fatty one. This means that you will have no problems with other health detracting features of the food.

Because of these two things alone, you should eat more fish and realize that not only is it healthy but it tastes great too! Most people who are starting off with a fish diet add some glaze and sauces to the fish before cooking it. The process is great and you’ll find that there are many ways that you can use this to your advantage to get a better brain and a better body.

If you don’t believe us, simply go look at any online health portal and look at the foods they recommend. Fish is almost always at the top of any list!